Chipiron Puntilla Fritos

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When we talk about cuttlefish or squid, we are actually talking about squid. Squid are small squid the name comes from the Basque term 'txipirón'. The chopitos provide 80 calories, and it has a low level of 1.40 grams. They are rich in protein with 16 grams. They have 77 ug of vitamin and 7 mg of vitamin B3.

Calcium is one of the abundant nutrients in baby corn with 144 mg. The popcorn is rich in sodium and potassium with 110 and 280 mg respectively. As usually happens with foods that come from the sea, it has a lot of iodine, in this case 64 mg per 100 grams. These cephalopods contain selenium which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties